‘You’re Such a Good Housewife’

First Congregational Church

“You’re such a good housewife,” my mom told me last night as I showed her where I cleared some kitchen clutter away. My mom and grandmother do not believe in putting dishes, cups, whatever away in cabinets. Just leave it to dry on the dish rack, we’ll probably need to access it easier. But our cups and mugs situation were way out of control, I had to do something about it.

I haven’t said anything this week since there hasn’t been much to say, really. Being laid up with my sprained ankle has been a bitch. A boring bitch, that is. It’s still swollen, but it has gone down considerably. I can walk around with some discomfort but not a whole lot of pain.

On Thursday I helped my cousin put her things in storage as she has finished her first year of pharmacy school in Pomona. She hadn’t heard the extent of my injury since she shuns Facebook and never reads my site. So when she saw me limping, she told me to suck it up. Then she saw the extent of my injury and she shut up.

In the course of loading her things into the moving truck, I tweaked my back. Again, my cousin and my aunt thought it was an effort for me to get out of helping her. It wasn’t. I felt an impingement that could develop into another sciatica outbreak. My last period of sciatica caused me to be completely immobile X-mas 2012 and left parts of my left leg and foot numb to this day.

And here’s the part that I get resentful towards my family. <angsty bullshit>I’m told to suck it up because I’m supposed to be a man. Fine. But when I get injured to such an extent that I can’t move, I’m told to know my limits and be very careful.

So the two choices: be a faggy pussy, or be an immobile man.

Of course, when my family sees how injured I end up being they realize that I was usually right. That I’m not complaining for the sake of complaining. That I usually try and suck it up until I have to say something. </angsty bullshit>

Regardless I finished loading her shit into the truck. When we got to the storage unit, the moving truck driver took a look at me with my fucked up ankle and hunched over a bit from my back and determined there was no way I could move the stuff from the truck to the unit. So that was that.

Fortunately my back hasn’t flared up to a full-blown sciatica episode, so I am mobile thankfully albeit a bit hunched over. Thank the heavens for acupuncture.

And that was my lone adventure of the week.