Made It All the Way to the Top

San Pedro

Today I decided to walk nonstop from my manse to the top of San Pedro Hill. I’ve been to the top of the hill before but never from my abode. So I figured, why not? It seemed like a good idea.

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8.72 miles later, aching feet and body later, I guess it was still a good idea. Despite making it 1,400 feet up there, my enthusiasm has muted with each electro-chemical neural transmission within my body.

It was a gloomy day as you can tell from the photo above. The fog still lingered, and there was quite the breeze in the air. I was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, and I could feel the chill of my sweat-drenched shirt each time a gust blew. But it really wasn’t that bad. As I passed Marymount College and turned to Crest Road, I realized the win was freezing my hands. I had to keep clenching my fists to try and keep them warm. I really wished I had mittens at the point no matter how silly they would have looked.

What was pretty remarkable when I got to the top was being able to see the Manse from such great heights. It’s located in the parking lot you see towards the bottom-center in the picture above. Here’s the zoom:

The Manse

Well, that’s not really the precise location of the Manse, but it’s close enough should you want to stalk me. For what it’s worth, the Manse’s elevation is just under 300 ft while the top of San Pedro Hill is just over 1,450 ft.



Rich Folks

Fucking Shoe

As you can tell, there are some rich bitches who live up there. I guess they don’t blink an eye when the lose a shoe.