Am I Caught Now in a Hit and Run?

Do Your Thing

It’s pretty clear that I’ve been a bit more active recently. Trying not to be as sedentary and such. I’m trying not to be a complete cunt about it saying looking-at-me-I’m-exercising or other motivational bullshit that makes me want to kill others.

Since a heatwave was supposed to start up today, I decided to go for a jog a bit early (10 am instead of 11 am.) I put my headphones in listening to Leaether Strip (old industrially goodness from Denmark) and started. I was getting ready to cross the street, the light turned green, my walk indicator was on walk and I dashed out into the intersection.

An old lady in a Honda Civic was saw her left-turn light flashed to red, but she was determined to make it so she wouldn’t have to wait the extra minute for it to turn green again. For the first time in my life I had to make an athletic Matrix-like move to avoid being hit by her in the intersection.

“Sorry! I didn’t see you,” she yelled out to me before speeding away into the Ralphs parking lot.

“What the fuck,” I muttered as I jogged away.

I’m a hard person to miss being a pretty expansive person. It was a pretty loud reminder for me: make sure I am dead before I get old and senile. Oh yeah, and old people are evil murderous bitches.

As for my jog, it’s actually the first time I’ve jogged in quite some time. I’ve been hiking and climbing hills and such, so it was something different for my system. Hopefully next time I won’t nearly get killed by going for a jog.