B&J Podcast Ep. 2: Talk Talk the Podcast Not the Band

Jimmy and Brendan

Here we are again, Brendan and I, with another 75 or so minutes of verbal diarrhea. I believe we’re going to settle with the B&J Podcast because, well, it’s just too easy. Each episode will have a different title provided by our friends. This one was provided by Matthew Harrison. He’s an asshole.

In this one we talk about movies, the Oscars, sex toys, Brendan’s illiteracy, 20 Feet from Stardom, The Act of Killing, the Dodgers channel, hashtags, and stupid sports fans. Well, Brendan takes up arms in support of the fans. I mainly trash them. And yes, there was more whiskey and coffee.

The songs this week we featured:

  • Chinese Man Ft. Tumi – Once Upon a Time
  • Diamanda Galas – Baby’s Insane
  • Lords of Acid Ft. Critter – Rough Sex (The All Night Grinder Mix)
  • X-mal Deutschland – Incubus Sucubus