San Pedro Hill

FAA Tower

About 1,300 feet in the sky lies two radar beacons that are now used by the FAA on top of San Pedro Hill (most commonly known as Palos Verdes). I’m shocked that I didn’t find out what the hell they were until several years ago. Growing up I thought it was some sort of observatory or some other nonsense like that.

I walked up a mile uphill before I got on the trails which were still soft from the rain. It’s amazing to see the view from on top of the hill, although it was a bit cloudy out today. There was only the faint of an outline of Catalina Island on the horizon.

Keep Moving

Words to live by up on the hill. Just keep moving motherfuckers.

Looking at San Pedro

Look down, and you see San Pedro. If you look closely enough you can see the breakwater jetty, the Point Fermin landslide and the newer White Point landslide by the Nike missile site.

Two Towers

I ain’t no lord, and I got no rings. But here are two towers.