My Favorite Is Beef Jerky

AJ Ellis Beef Jerky
Game On Jerky

So most Dodger fans can’t get SportsNetLA, but who cares? (A horse’s ass is better than yours!) The season hasn’t even started, so really what’s to watch?

But the biggest Dodger news this offseason isn’t Cubans with hilariously long surnames signing with the Dodgers, the new channel or even Zack Greinke trying to avoid going to Australia by faking a hamstring injury. No.

Thanks to Roberto Baly at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy, AJ Ellis has a beef jerky endorsement deal! He’s teamed with Game On Jerky that offers many varieties of beef jerky.

Of course anything related to beef jerky reminds me of Cibo Matto, so here is them performing this song among others on the PBS show “Sessions at West 54th” back in the late 90s.

Let’s eat carrots together until…