The Arizona Problem

Welcome to Arizona
Welcome to Arizona

While all the little fagolas were happy about getting married, a more serious matter has emerged. Both chambers of the Arizona legislature passed a bill that allows businesses to discriminate against gays in the name of religion. The religious right bastards are real happy.

Arizona is not alone in this. Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee have also proposed this “religious freedom” law. Only Arizona was backwards enough to pass it.

Governor Jan Brewer hasn’t signed the bill yet, and both US Senators McCain and Flake (both of whom are republicans) have urged her to veto the bill in the name of business. You know, because this would cause a loss of money to Arizona businesses and potential lawsuits. Not because it’s the morally correct thing to do, but the money.

I don’t care what or whom you believe in whether it be God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Confucius or whatever. But anything that allows another human being to be allowed to be treated like a subhuman is morally reprehensible. Whether they call themselves Tea Partiers or the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re all scoundrels.

Maybe I should get in on the racket and start my own religion where all the homo brothers, sisters and in-between will get into heaven. Heterosexuality will be considered an abomination, but you know how it goes: hate the sin but love the sinner. We also won’t get into how old the earth is — a real lady never gives her age.