I Need a Vacation

Rocky Beach

Over the last two weeks I’ve had an aunt from Dallas come to town and some relatives from Korea I’ve never seen before visit.

Usually when my aunt comes from Dallas, she takes my grandmother to her various appointments giving me some time off. This time she fucked up her shoulder on her first day here, so no rest for the wicked. She’s wound up a little tight, so it means having to do my best impression of a whirling dervish for a couple of weeks.

Then we had relatives from Korea: my maternal grandfather’s sister (great-aunt?) and her second daughter (aunt?). They were nice and impressed that I was able to speak and understand Korean. The daughter bore a striking resemblance to my mother which was a bit strange.

The whole lot of them are gone now. Meanwhile I’m left with a slight cold: just a runny nose. Oh, and a grandmother who just fucked up her good (left) knee.