I Knew It Was Going To Be Bad, But Wow!

Gatorade Shower
Getty Images/Rob Carr

I figured the Seattle Seahawks defense was going to be suffocating, they’d quickly jump out to a 28-0 lead or something and let up in final minutes to beat the Denver Broncos 31-14. I underestimated the Seahawks.

They smothered the Broncos offense, made Peyton Manning uncomfortable without having to blitz him and thoroughly demolished them in special-teams situations. 43-8. It should also be noted no other NFL game has ended with that score.

Sure the Broncos aren’t strangers to being blown out in a Super Bowl. They now lead the NFL in losing the Super Bowl five times. Yadda yadda yadda. There are going to be a lot of words written about this game, but these words by Charlie Pierce on the Grantland Super Bowl roundup does a great job of succinctly relating my thoughts of all of the pregame pageantry:

I have accustomed myself to accepting the fact that the Super Bowl pregame is going to be the kind of militarized patriotic pageant that would have occurred had Leni Riefenstahl immigrated to Manhattan and gone to work with Don Draper.

That is all. See you in September NFL.