Some Thoughts on the Conference Championship Games

Beast Mode
John Lok/Seattle Times

Denver 26, New England 16.

1. But what about New England’s defense? That’s a question I asked myself as this game unfolded. As much as I was susceptible to the Peyton-Manning-Can’t-Win-the-Big-Games narrative (I know, I should know better), I forgot about how un-Belichick-like the Patriot defense has been this season.

New England was 26th during the regular season in yards allowed per game and third-down conversion percentage allowed, 18th in passing yards per game allowed and 30th in rushing yards per game allowed.


While Denver only rushed for 107 yards, Peyton Manning torched the Patriots secondary for 400 yards.

2. CBS reported on the sun. Early in the first quarter, sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson reported on the motherfucking sun. Let’s just bask in the idiocy of that concept. I just…

3. Omaha Schmomaha. I don’t get it. I thought we were done with the fascination of the “Omaha” audible call back when Eli Manning used it to win a couple of Super Bowls. In fact here is video of Eli using it during Giants training camp back in 2006:

So this is a thing again?

4. What a blah game. Even my router hated the game: it committed suicide during the game. A quick jaunt to Radio Shack and 15 minutes took care of it.

Seattle Seahawks 23, San Francisco 49ers 17.

5. Uh oh. The first play from scrimmage saw Russell Wilson scramble, run to his right and get strip-sacked by Aldon Smith. Uh oh, indeed.

Fortunately for the Seahawks, their defense stood up to allow only a field goal.

6. 4th-and-7. Trailing 17-13 just as the fourth quarter started, Seattle faced fourth-and-seven on the 49ers 35-yard line. Instead of trying for a 50+-yard field goal, Pete Carroll ultimately went for it. Anyone who knows me knows I believe that this is almost always the correct decision.

On the play, the 49ers jumped off sides. So at worst Seattle would have 4th-and-2. Wilson went for it and somehow threaded a pass to Jermaine Kearse for the 35-yard touchdown.

7. Shut up. MLB Network’s Brian Kenny wants to protect the children!!!!

Shut up. As said in the John Waters film Cecil B. DeMented, “Family is just a dirty word for censorship!”

8. Richard Sherman, ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t believe in marriage, and I would totally marry him if he asked.