It’s Smokey, Yet I Don’t Smoke Anymore


I snapped this picture this morning showing how the smoke from the Colby Fire some 50 miles away in Glendora. I usually don’t see smoke from fires out here in San Pedro, so it was a strange sight. You can see the edge of the smoke from the fire meeting with the clear skies off the ocean. Just something interesting to see.

Vice did an interview with Alexa Chung: television host, model, designer, author and probably a host of other things. Some people don’t like her, but I do. Regarding Miley Cyrus, she said something spot on:

I don’t know when it became acceptable to be quite as harsh about women just out of their teens who are experimenting. They’ve been given this platform and more money and more exposure to do it, within the confines of their experimental phase, and that’s unfortunate in some ways. But I don’t think we should put too much serious weight on it. What were you doing when you were 20? We’re like, “She really means that.” Well, maybe she doesn’t. Not to be patronizing, because she does know what she’s doing, but it’s just a grand scale version of what everyone did at that age—it’s just we didn’t have Terry Richardson documenting it for us.

I don’t think she’s being manipulated either. I think she is intelligent enough to make her own decisions. She’s obviously clever, she’s made millions. Newspapers are really weird because they’re like, “Oh someone should really do something.” Yet they point a finger, but also eschew responsibility. Who are the people that are gonna [intervene]? And what would they say? What’s gone wrong? She discovered hip-hop and is really happy about it, that’s cool. I wonder what will happen in the future…

In other words, stop being fuddy-duddies and sexist. It’s a very entertaining interview to read through. Go read it.