Virginity and Anal

Staples Center

“See, you want to have sex with her. I just want to fuck her anal.”

Walking towards STAPLES Center from the south side, there are always teenage boys skateboarding. Usually they’re focused on skateboarding, making fun of each others follies and other nonsense, but I usually never hear their conversations. At least, usually their conversations don’t make any impressions with me.

But this one had me giggling. I actually had to stifle a laugh as I walked past them taking a break from the action on a planter. I thought it was a lovely holiday-themed conversation to have with friends, but it had me wondering.

Isn’t it easier to convince a girl to have vag secks rather than butt secks? Girls don’t have prostates, so when penises go up their bum there is no pleasure center for the penis to hit.

Then a friend with a protected Twitter account sent me this gem:


I’ve heard of this phenomenon of girls preferring anal in order to keep their virginity. It’s not a foreign concept to me, but I thought it was more of an urban myth. But I talked to several heterosexual media folks last night about this, and they confirmed that this was true. One said it was mostly catholic girls who followed this practice. Figures.

Wow! Just fascinating. Straight people CAN be interesting after all!

But it does raise a very important question: does this make me a virgin?