Fear of New Bus Stops

Bus Stop

When I take public transit, I always have this fear of being stranded. Sure I have a phone and can call a cab if things get real hair raising, but the fear of being stuck is always in the back of my mind.

Last night after covering the Kings game, I had to get back home. I usually take the Silver Line to STAPLES Center, and as of Sunday the southbound stop moved one block over from Figueroa and Pico to Flower and Pico. As seen above.

After posting my story about goalie Martin Jones’ great start — his the third goalie in NHL history to have three shutouts in his first six NHL starts — I headed over to the new stop.

The first fear was not being able to see the bus stop sign. After twice avoiding walking over a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk, I finally saw the sign hidden by trees on the sidewalk. Brilliant.

Then the bus was late. I started to get the panic that it went to the old stop. But no. The Metro app said that it was coming to this stop. An app wouldn’t lie, would it?

After 10 minutes of being late, I started walking over to the old stop. But before I could get very far, I saw the lights of the Silver Line bus. No need to throw up, it was coming.