Baton Rouge

Cloudy Sky

Today was not a Los Angeles sort of day. It wasn’t dry and hot or cloudy and cold. It’s usually an either/or proposition this time of the year.

Instead all day it was cloudy and warm like a cool autumn day in Baton Rouge. You could walk outside in jeans and a t-shirt and feel perfectly pleasant. It felt like a summer storm was coming on its way to break up the oppressive heat that is the hallmark of a Baton Rouge summer.

Ever since the road trip in February, I keep thinking about the place I spent most of the first eight years of my life. Perhaps when my grandmother passes away I will move back? I know that it’s part of the Deep South, it’s not a very tolerant place and all of that jazz.

But it’s familiar.

Perhaps I could live there for a few months out of the year and live here the rest of the time? Which brings me to another subject.

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