New Business Idea: Sports Bar for Sports Writers!

Media Scum

Last night at the Kings game, Abbey from Fox Sports and I were gabbing about a bunch of nonsense. She talked about wanting to take her laptop and work at a bar but because of societal pressures felt unable to do so.

All of a sudden it hit us: a sports bar for sports writers!

  • Power outlets would be readily available for all.
  • The wifi would be really good, but just for shits it would go out every 2 hours to replicate that arena/ballpark experience.
  • Really greasy, really fried and really shitty food would be served.
  • The back of the place would be reserved for writers on deadline complete with signs reinforcing that no noises should be made even though there would be no separation between them and the rest of the bar. Besides, bloggers look better than “respectable media” so they would make up what the public initially sees upon entrance.
  • Tvs will be everywhere showing all of the games.

We were talking and talking about it thinking about what a great idea it was. Then we realize how awful it would be.

It would be perhaps one of the most miserable places in the world, a place where no one concedes an argument, like a really bad version of First Take. Since everyone is broke, there will be no tipping which further adds to the misery of the place.

It’s a total money loser, but selfishly I’m thinking it would be a great place for me to do work.