It’s Halloween


I went over to Cathi’s and Tyson’s farmstead deep in the heart of the hippest neighborhood in America. We carved pumpkins. Actually, I didn’t carve a pumpkin. I just nibbled on food all day.

There was a trip to Donut Friend, a place where you can add toppings to your donut. I got the “Jets to Basil” which is a donut stuffed with goat cheese, strawberry jam and basil leaves topped with a sugar glaze and balsamic reduction sauce. We at LAist did a photo gallery of the place a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday I powered through all episodes of the second half of Breaking Bad. It was great, although I really hated the ending. I hate that such a loathsome character like Walter White got to be the hero and the martyr. I hate that Skylar was left so vulnerable after all of the sacrifices she made. I hate that it tried to tie everything in a nice little bow.