Gray Skies Are Going To Clear Up

Gray Skies

People call the skies gray, but it always looked purple to me. Perhaps purple connotes something more colorful and vibrant rather than the malaise that comes with gray.

The weather says it’s overcast and 67 degrees just about an hour before high noon. It’s quite the change from the weather a couple of weeks ago that involved tittie sweat and pheromones. It was really the only heat spell we had here in Los Angeles all summer long.

With so little butt-sniffing season, it’s a little sad to see autumn come so soon. Of course, it’s in September and October that we tend to get the hottest weather in Los Angeles with the santa ana winds, the wildfires and all around horniness. So I’m holding out hope for that. Or it could just be SAD.

I’ve been trying to find more personal blogs written by gay dudes, but most are:

  • defunct
  • politcal
  • pop culture
  • filled with porn and pictures stolen from other places
  • very poorly designed

So I’ve been going on the archives and reading what I think is the best personal website ever made: Dante Woo.

It’s forcing me to make an effort. I’ve done some things here and there. Or, to put it bluntly, I’m stealing stuff directly from Dante Woo. I would feel bad about it normally, but his blog is completely defunct and he has a lovely job at the Wall Street Journal.

Fuck you.