This Is Joe.


To steal from Busblog, this weekend was Joe’s birthday. He turned 24.

For anyone who has listened to the radio here in LA over the last couple of decades, you know who Joe is. You know what a big WWE fan he is. So I caught one of the few pictures ever to show “The Big Nasty” smiling in pure joy after receiving the old spinny WWE champions belt for his birthday.

The party was held in his apartment building he just moved into in Downtown. Outside some kids were holding a pool party. One guy looked like Andre Ethier. I kept staring, but when I looked at the clock I realized he couldn’t be Andre. Andre had to be at the Ravine to play a game that night.

When the guy came out of the pool, dried off and put on a shirt, I realized he looked nothing like Andre. He was half Asian and half white. I guess my Happa-dar is off.