Fuck Pitbull

(AP Photo/Jeff Christensen, file)
(AP Photo/Jeff Christensen, file)

Before I get started, I guess I’m a very angry person judging by the tone of these posts lately. Beh, fuck you.

First this dickhead appropriates and sanitizes 2 Live Crew with “Don’t Stop the Party”:

Now this peckerhead along with the fat cow Christina Aguilera have stolen from A-ha:

Okay. I went a little crazy on Twitter when I discovered this and told him to go fuck himself. I wonder if the kids know the little riff comes from this wonderful magic from the 80’s?

I guess it’s easy to regurgitate the past and feed it to back to the mindless public especially when you sell booze to that public to make them forget the crimes of pop you are committing. Hell, even Andy Warhol thinks it’s too derivative.

I guess that’s one way to ruin what was a most excellent Game 6 of the NBA Finals.