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Point Fermin Lighthouse

I decided to discover some of the historic buildings of San Pedro today. Of course the first place I went to was the Point Fermin Lighthouse. Built in 1874 when there was nothing in the area, it was the first lighthouse built even before San Pedro and Los Angeles was a big shipping town.

A Victorian style structure, it has stood in the same location ever since. Of course it is no longer functioning having been dimmed since the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. But it was neat to be able to go inside and climb to the top.

Palos Verdes
A view of Palos Verdes from the top of the Point Fermin Lighthouse.

I also decided to go to the Muller house which was built in 1899.

Muller House

This house was originally built by Edward Mahar for his parents who lived in Wilmington. They didn’t want to move, so a couple of years later shipbuilder William Muller bought it for his growing family.

The house was originally located at 129 Front Street which is closer to where the current Vincent Thomas Bridge. In 1912 it was moved to 19th Street and Grand Avenue where it stood until 1986 where it was moved to its current location at 16th Street and Beacon Street where it overlooks the harbor.

Finally there is this overlooked gem:

Dodson House

Built in 1888, it was originally a gift from the Sepulveda family, owners of the Palos Verdes Rancho, when Dodson married their daughter Rudecinda. The home was originally built at 7th Street and Beacon Streets in the historic Vinegar Hill part of town. In the 1900’s the house was moved to where the current San Pedro High School is located.

In the mid-1930’s it was moved to its current location right across the street from the current Daniels Field on 13th Street.

Of course Rudecinda had a middle school named for her, which also happened to be where I graduated.