New Look

Lights! Cameras!

I decided it was time for a new look here. So voila. I actually didn’t take too much time and effort on this. Maybe I should have?

Anyhow an update: in the Slayer story below I wrote that Jeff Hanneman’s death was not caused by alcohol. Unfortunately it was. I apologize. Then again compared to the mistakes that CNN made during the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt, my mistake was a little more on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Another update: as you can see in the photo above I returned to the NBC4 studios. I was doing a small one-minute-or-so segment on “Going Roggin” just introducing myself. I also made fun of people from Montreal. But thanks to “technical difficulties” my segment didn’t air last night.

I’m convinced I’m the technical difficulty. But it’s all right. I had no makeup and was a sweaty mess. So I would say that I’m disappointed, but not really.