It Must Be the End of the World


I ran into Fred Roggin yesterday who said I was too hard on myself in my assessment on my television debut. I thought it was funny, the story that is. So it makes it worth it, right?

I was watching CNN today, and they made a big deal of this Jodi Arias person. I’m still trying to understand why her case is so interesting. Two replies I got on Twitter:

My reply was, well how about all of the other murder cases going on around the world? I have yet to hear back.

What disturbs me is the amount of women who attended this trial. Most of them seemed ready to strap her into an electric chair. Their blood thirst was just about as vicious as it was against Casey Anthony.

I don’t know whether or not they did what they were accused of doing. But my point remains: why should I care about their cases more than any other murder trial that is going on around the country?

I’ve been waiting for an answer to that question for over a month, and I’m still waiting. Anyone?