The Best Coffee Period

Community CoffeeI will not apologize to those from Seattle, those from Turkey, France, Italy or nothing. The best coffee you can get comes from Baton Rouge: Community Coffee. While they import their beans from Brazil, they roast the beans right there in Baton Rouge. They even have coffee-chicory blends that are pretty damn good.

The coffee is strong but not bitter. Even when it gets lukewarm it goes down smooth. I know people out here love the pretension that is Intelligentsia and all of the other snooty thumb-up-their-ass coffee places that have sprung out all over Hipstervilles. But fuck that. Just brew some of this Community Coffee and knock your socks plum off your feet. Trust me. The only vice I have left in my life is coffee, so I know me some good coffee.

When I went back to the town I grew up, Zachary, I just had to go to Winn Dixie and buy me some of the coffee. It’s only sold in stores in the South, so us Yankees are missing out. Thankfully I can order on their website, so I won’t be 100% deprived.