Road Trip Pictures

I am back at home after nearly two weeks on the road. From California to Louisiana via the I-10, my cousin Aaron and I spent three days in Baton Rouge and three days in New Orleans. From there it was a free-for-all. We ended up going to Natural Bridge Caverns outside of San Antonio, stayed in the most modular Motel 6 in San Marcos, TX, trying to go up to the I-40 to cross into the Texas panhandle but rebuffed by the blizzard. There was the Toy & Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley, OK, 26 hours of non-stop driving just to make it to the Four Corners Monument during daylight. There was sleeping for nearly an entire day in frigid Flagstaff, AZ. A drive-by of Kingman, AZ which holds familial importance with Aaron and I. There was the Hoover Dam and Vegas and now home.

It was an incredible two weeks. There were many people along the way who had tons of stories. It almost made me turn into a reporter for This American Life.

I’ll definitely have a lot more to write about as I can put my thoughts together coherently. But for now it’s time to delve back into the bitter pill of reality and get on with things.