Almost Out of Here


So there was more traffic than I had anticipated as we were heading out of Los Angeles last night. Being the dense person I can sometimes be, I failed to realize that this is president’s day weekend and everyone would be heading out of town also. Doh!

Nonetheless once we got past Riverside, things were okay. Of course this brought up one of my peeves of California drivers: their utter lack of care or ignorance on how to drive on a 4 lane highway. The first lane is for passing not for cruising.

This stupid cunt was driving her little Hyundai at around 65 in the passing lane. 65!! We damn near rear ended her.

Trucks trying to pass other trucks? Is that even legal?

It became very apparent that as I sat stewing in the passenger seat it was a good thing I wasn’t packing heat. Unfortunately I wasn’t carrying any drugs on me either so this anger is allowed to fester.

Regardless, things are well. We spent the night in Blythe right at the California-Arizona border. One thing that struck me as we were in the middle of nowhere were the random lights seen off in the distance. One particular row of amber lights in the distance turned out to be a state prison.

I haven’t killed my cousin Aaron, nor has he wanted to kill me. Yet. Things can change very quickly. I got a whiff of what the product of his morning sit-down session in the bathroom can be.

Dispatches from Arizona and daytime pictures coming next.