Fuck You East Coast

Cold Weather Map

First of all, the new podcast can be found at LaSportsFag.com. Go and “Like” it on Facebook or you’ll be resigned to having to get gum jobs from 80-year old women whose vaginas have fallen completely out of their bodies and into some landfill in Jersey.

Now to the rest of America outside of Southern California, you cunts can fucking freeze to death for all I care. We have had record-breaking cold here in LA. Sure in most parts of the country, 30-degree low temperatures are commonplace. Fine.

But don’t fucking project your anger on us just because your dumbass is stupid enough to live in an environment that gets to freezing on a regular basis.

I live in Los Angeles because it lacks humidity and cold, two things I can’t deal with. Sure it’s a bit more expensive to live here, but at least I don’t have to deal with the two things that are the bane of my existence. So when either of those two things touch my life, I have a bitch fit.

And you know what? When your dumbass finally wises up and moves here for an extended period of time and it gets this cold, your cunt ass will also bitch about the cold.

So fuck you.

I demand temperatures in excess of 72 degrees everyday. I demand sunshine. If I wanted cold weather, I’d live in Boston. Then again, if I wanted belligerent obnoxious assholes I’d also move to Boston. But that’s an entirely different matter.