Another New Years

Kimchi Fries

This picture of kimchi fries really serves no other purpose than to be a picture to use.

It hasn’t been the best New Years in my life. Being a caretaker for my grandmother forced me to sit at home tending to scotch while watching television. It’s fine. Sure my Twitter and Facebook messages were bitter saying, “Fuck your New Years,” but I just thought it was funny. After all how annoying is it to see endless messages saying, “Happy New Years” or any other saccharine fake salutation for 2013?

It’s been a strange 2012, going back to Hulu for a spell and all of that. There’s also been a lot more family bitterness that has surfaced this year that makes me sound like some angst ridden teenager when I rant. The whole my-mom-is-clueless type of thing. It just sounds petty, and no one really wants to hear it.

So it’s 2013. The fucking apocalypse didn’t happen, so on we trudge. I don’t exactly know what we’re trudging on to, but I suppose it’s something. As I’m typing this, NHL players are in meetings with the NHL to try and salvage a season. Congress is remarkably trying to accomplish something, some sort of fiscal cliff thingee for which I really have had little concern.

I guess it’s time to stave off death for as long as possible. But the Clippers are the best team in the NBA and the Kings won the Stanley Cup. So what else matters?