Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

Hole in the Ground

As I went down to the Dodger clubhouse after the game yesterday, I kept thinking of my little post I put up here last night. I kept thinking how shitty it was. There was no context to it. I didn’t even identify what was in the fucking sandwich. Not even a link to Primanti Brothers.

For that I apologize and give you this picture I snapped months ago of the White Point Landslide. This was taken on the east end of the closed off area. (Click on the picture above for the full sized picture which is more impressive methinks.)

The City of LA published the findings of the geologists which was interesting to go through. Basically what ails this area is the same that ails the Portuguese Bend Landslide area.

But that’s it. I’m just idly killing time before this final Dodgers-Giants game in which I have nothing to write about.