More Kitchen Exchanges

Nothing To See

I’m in the kitchen popping a couple of Aleve for a headache when Lovely Young Lady asks me…

LYL: A cure for your pain?
Me: Not a cure, but it’ll do. I’m not ready for the real cure though.
LYL: What is that?
Me: Death.

Yeah things have taken a very morbid turn over here, but we do live in morbid times. The end of the world is months away, and I’m just counting down every second. 12,722,160 seconds. 12,722,159 seconds. 12,722,158 seconds. Etc.

Maybe the end of the world will happen by a cataclysmic weather event like this derecho that’s aiming for the Eastern Seaboard. By the way, why does every horrible weather event come from Spanish. Hurricane? El Nino? La Nina? Derecho? Why haven’t I ever heard of derecho before?

Can you imagine the pictures I don’t publish here?