A Week Long Headache

Surprised Me

This picture has nothing to do with the headache really. Madd just emailed me last night all the pictures she has of us on her phone, so this was probably the best one of me out of the bunch.

Anyhow Sunday night I started to develop a throbbing in the back of my head over behind my right ear. I didn’t pay much attention to it really and figured a good sleep and it will be gone.

Wrong. On Monday it was still there and hurt even more. No matter the amount of coffee I doused it with, it was still there. I ended up leaving Hulu early to just go to bed.

Tuesday it was even worse. Wednesday it got a little better but not by much. It was such a nagging pain that I was actually hoping it was a stroke and I would just collapse and pass away. That sentiment didn’t amuse the Hulu folks very much.

Anyhow here I am today on a Saturday and it seems to have gone away. Well not completely gone, but it’s not a throbbing pain. It was so bad I couldn’t even turn my head.

Maybe I am dying slowly, but I suppose that’s fine. We all have to go at some point, right?