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The Real Housewives of Orange County

I forgot to add on the last post that we as a culture are fucked. There were two sisters sitting at a table next to us who were having a conversation. It was already jarring because one of the sisters had the most annoying voice – picture a mixture of a Joisey-Orange County-La Loca voices merging into a huge morass of annoyance. I imagine she, Sister A, was the younger sister because the other sister, Sister B, talked about how the family gave Sister A many chances to redeem herself.

“But I chose to live my life this way, and I’m living it,” Sister A whined.

“But for us it seemed like you were their more for your friends,” Sister B countered.

This inane banter continued back and forth which thankfully ended for us since we were moved to seats that were in the vicinity of an operating heat lamp.

Their conversation really disturbed me because it was just vacuous and inconsequential, but then I started getting disturbed that this was disturbing me. It’s a whole downward spiral. Then it hits me.

Their conversation was 100% scripted reality show dialogue. When you see these ding-dong heads filming a restaurant scene, they have this stilted exchange of empty words that somehow fill a scene. It’s presented to the masses as an actual constructive interface between two people when in reality it’s just filler to advertise a restaurant.

So the disturbing thing was that these two cunts bought into the whole thing. They want so badly to be in a reality show, and there they were in some cheap Mexican restaurant in Culver City rehearsing in case they have a closeup.

And this is why we as a society are fucked. How cunty.