Del Taco, Why Hast Thou Foresaken Me?

With all of the post cigarette weight I’ve piled on the last six months (yes, I’m going to blame it on cigarettes and not my tendency towards inertia or horrid eating habits), I’ve been diligent the last couple of weeks going to the gym. When I hung out with Madd the other day, she was startled at the weight I’ve lost. Hell, even my mom noticed, and Koreans are completely weight obsessed.

Anyhow after covering the Kings game last night I was feeling a bit hungry. For some reason I decided to stop by Del Taco for a chicken quesadilla and fries. At around 4 a.m. I woke up with the most horrendous pain in my stomach. I went to the bathroom and everything exploded out with cramping I’ve not felt since I was lactose intolerant. Oh it was bad.

I think that was a sign, a penance for eating fast food. I have sinned, and I fully paid for it. Hell, I still feel a little rumble in the belly right now. Oof.

So I guess I’ll be cutting that out of my diet.