Paseo del Mar Landslide

Paseo del Mar Landslide

I wrote about the new Paseo del Mar Landslide for LAist today. It left me amazed.

I remember when they first closed Paseo del Mar. I didn’t realize the road has shifted six inches. I just thought they were repaving or replacing pipes or something of that nature. But the road never reopened. Then I first saw the stories of the land movement.

After the rains on Sunday, there’s a big gaping hole. Robert Casillas and the Daily Breeze crew have taken remarkable photographs of the place.


It is due to rain on Thanksgiving, and from what I could tell today more of the roadway will soon be joining the rest of it down below. No one has any idea of what caused this sudden movement and what the extent of it will be. But I’ll keep updating about this.

My piece on LAist is a bit more thoughtful than this and touches on the history of landslides here on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. As anyone who has come here knows, I am fascinated with this shit.