Now this is one for the memory banks. Seth at Dingers Blog tweeted earlier tonight about a new Hella album Tripper.

Eh? They’re still around?

Now talk about one for the memory banks, this takes me back to 2003, 2004 where Hella, Lightning Bolt, XBXRX, Arab on Radar and other noisy avant-garde bands went all around the country deafening the youth bit by bit. Whether it is age that has crept up on me unwittingly, time commitments elsewhere that has taken my attention away from the music scene or just a complete disintegration of that scene, I completely lost touch. Don’t even ask me who’s where much less active and still touring.

But it’s good to see they’re back to a two-piece and making good music again. After all it’s a familiar name in a sea of unfamiliarity for someone that’s been out of it for quite some time.

It’s also making me think I should have gone to FYF Fest this year. Oh well.