Why Do I Like Sports?

Radiolab attempts to answer this question. As always, nothing is solved at the end of the podcast. But it’s an entertaining listen.

I love obsessions. I will fixate on something until I am so exhausted of it just a mere thought of it brings up the meal I had hours ago. Politics, music, pop culture. Like a hippo in a tutu I clumsily meander through those corridors until all that is left is mere memories.

Here’s something I wrote in early 2003:

Bush has billed himself as a “compassionate conservative”. Where is the compassion in war? Where is the compassion in forcing the poor to carry the tax burden? Where is the compassion in outright lying to the American public to get what you want? I don’t see it, and judging by the polls, an increasing number of Americans don’t either. Despite this, it is becoming apparent that merely mobilizing to protest this government isn’t cutting it. We can go the ballot box until the cows come home, and nothing will change. There must be a fundamental change in this system. In the 1760s and 1770s, Americans were growing hostile to the strong arm of King George III. In 2003 it is time now to oust our current King George and his cronies in any means necessary.

Cute isn’t it?

After the big anti-war protests of February 2003 being written off as nothing more than a “focus group” by Bush and the complete incompetence of the left, I was resigned to the fact that any uprising would be just me in a stupid Che shirt circling a streetlamp.

So what’s one thing that transcends all classes? Sports! And here I am.

As you can tell, there are no games scheduled for LA teams tonight. So I’m just blah-blahing not knowing what to do with myself. I lie. I’m actually at a coffee shop in Redondo Beach. Ssssssh.