GGL Baby!


It was a complete Jersey Shore day for me today. I started out going to the gym — cardio and arms. I realize all of the day hikes I have been doing recently have done some good. After three weeks of not going to the gym, I was not completely tuckered out.

Then it was the grooming, not tanning. I had neglected my man-regions longer than I am comfortable with. So out with the scissors and razor and off with the hair! My balls are very happy, thank you very much.

And laundry. Navigating through broken machines and obnoxious neighbors, I succeeded in getting Downy fresh clothing and bedding.

Much to my horror, thanks to the Wayback Machine I discovered a website of mine dating back to the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. While I am aghast at some of the content, I am actually somewhat impressed with the minimal design. It’s making me wonder if reliance on WordPress is stifling my creativity.

But those were the days when HTML and intro-level CSS was all that was needed to unleash your rants onto the world. There were a lot of hand-coding and attempts to be cheeky with <–! commands for hidden messages in your code. There were web rings and guestbooks. Unfortunately there were those Geocities sites.

It’s different now. No more Dante Woo and The Corky and Lapsus Calami. But now we have Tumblr and Posterous. And best of all, we don’t have to hand code anymore!