RIP Art in Deep Koma

Of all of the pretentious things I did in college, “Art in Deep Koma” was one of the few things that stuck around. Well I’m officially killing it off.

For a little bit, it will mirror the new site here at before becoming just a link then going into the ether.

There was a blog I was obsessed with in 1998. Scratch that, back then they weren’t called blogs. Website, journal, whatever. It no longer is alive and merely lives on in piecemeal form thanks to the Wayback Machine.

I was obsessed with it and the nom de plume of the writer. Like me he was a queer half Asian mutt, so I decided I would give myself a pretentious name. I decided “Antonin Devon Ko” – “Antonin” for Antonin Artaud, “Devon” just because and “Ko” for my mother’s maiden name that means “high” in Korean/Chinese/whatever.

As an extension, to make things look cute in the copyright section of the blog, I came up with a pseudo-company name that fit with the initials ADK. And in 30 seconds “Art in Deep Koma” was born.

Dante Woo went away, even Antonin Ko did. But for some reason “Art in Deep Koma” stuck around. And with that years of having to spell it out when giving out my email address, years of telling people, “It’s a long story,” when they ask about the meaning of it.


Now it’s just Easy. No probing questions. Also since there’s a pentecostal preacher-man author who writes about all of our souls going to hell by the name of James Bramlett, hopefully I do my part as a queer sports writer to subvert that name.