Song of the Day: The Mae Shi – “Power to the Power, Bite 2”

I’m fully aware that this has turned into a sappy nostalgic mess. I do have chunks of vomit lodged in the back of my throat, somehow stuck after attempting to swallow back down.

This goes back to my LiveJournal days (which can still be viewed here for posterity’s sake.) Back in 2003 Tim Byron, the bassist of The Mae Shi posted this in the So Cal Indie community for a free show at Qtopia. They played with Miracle Chosuke, Child Pornography and The Manifolds.

I became really good friends with Nicole from The Manifolds and was all over the place. Fortunately I was on the list for a lot of these shows, so I didn’t go poor as a result. But it was tons of fun. Seeing Rainbow Blanket, Amps for Christ, Year Future, Xiu Xiu, Blood Brothers, Rose for Bohdan, Cold War, Experimental Dental School, Deerhoof, Noxagt, Vaz and on and on and on. Being at The Smell, it was like party after party.

I fell out of the scene around 2005 as things started to get a bit monotonous. Maybe it was when Drew of The Manifolds moved up to Bay Area. Or when The Manifolds disbanded. Or when Ezra left The Mae Shi. Something was missing. I moved onto the sports world and now do what I do. But there are times when I really miss those days in the early Naughties.