Punch Drunk

In a rare show of sociability for me, I went over to Brendan’s for an impromptu punch party. He posted on Facebook earlier in the day, and having had his punch before I was more than willing to make the trek to Highland Park for the goods.

The punch was filled with citrus goodness, vodka goodness, champagne goodness, syrupy goodness with proportions being haphazard at best. Basically it was a good way to get pretty fucked up.

We ended up watching Starship Troopers and Richard III (the Ian McKellan version) and having a nice talk on nonsense. Of course being around new people I busted out with my charming Lord of the Rings is merely visual masturbation talk. Sorry. Hated those films.

At one point I started talking about one of my favorite late-night television shows “Weird TV.” According to Wikipedia it aired in Canada, Los Angeles and Seattle on Saturday nights. Here’s a clip from one of the episodes. (Sorry. The embed link doesn’t seem to want to work.)

I’m just wondering who else caught this back in the mid ’90s.

Here’s a picture of Brendan making more punch: