A Clusterfuck of a Week

Downtown LA
Downtown LA

One of the biggest moments of zen when I get done covering a Dodger game is coming out into a mostly deserted parking lot and having a smoke looking towards Downtown Los Angeles. I really needed that last week.

On Tuesday I covered the Los Angeles Kings Game 3 against the San Jose Sharks rather than the Dodger game against the Atlanta Braves. The Kings got a 4-0 early in the second period, allowed five goals in the second period which made it a 5-5 tie. The Sharks scored the winning goal in overtime for the 6-5 victory – one of the biggest collapses in NHL Playoff history.

On Wednesday I went to Kings practice to get a day-after piece out of it. On my way to Dodger Stadium from the Kings practice facility in El Segundo, news broke the Major League Baseball took over control of the Dodgers from owner Frank McCourt. Oh geez, collapse no. 2.

On Thursday I was already set for a double-header: Dodger game in the morning, Kings-Sharks Game 4 at night. During the Dodger game the newly appointed vice chairman and LA civic leader Steve Soboroff came into the press box and gave a 25 minute press conference that was rambling and ranting. Just sheer craziness. Then the Kings just didn’t show up in Game 4 losing the game and being on the brink of elimination. 8 am to midnight of writing, transcribing and being all over the place.

Friday I just collapsed. Just slept and was dead to the world.

So I look at that blurry picture, take a deep breath and just continue on.