The Foot
The Foot

As mentioned I did rent a room at The Standard in Downtown LA to celebrate my birthday. People did bring in booze and junk take out food. And boy did it wreck me.

The problem: I didn’t really eat anything. I had covered a Kings game in the afternoon, and the STAPLES Center press food is pretty awful. So I just noshed on popcorn in the press box while covering the game. Afterwards, I checked into the room and waited for people to show up.

My cousin Aaron was the first to show up bearing a load of KFC. I did have a chicken breast and a biscuit. Then as people came in and brought in food and booze, I picked here and there but mostly headed for the booze. And more booze. And more booze.

By 1 a.m. I was completely trashed, the room spinning. I did go to the bathroom a couple of times to throw up in hopes of preventing a hangover. Eventually I settled on the bed passed out while a newly hooked up couple were on the couch fucking – yes a couple not involving me were fucking in my room on my birthday. Just great.

In the morning I wake up feeling really shitty. I really can’t move so I get room service coffee. Everyone left and I threw up a couple more times. I eventually left the room, got some food and recovered from my hangover.

I had a trick come over and we had sex. I had forgot my contacts so trying to fuck someone when you can’t really see the target well made for some pretty funny times. But at least I had the sex that I needed. Slept, had a late checkout and covered a Dodgers preseason game that Monday.

It was a fun time, and I really wished I did that earlier.