At a Coffeeshop Today

Coffee Cartel
Image courtesy Johnny G. on Yelp

Oh kids today. I was at Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach this afternoon and couldn’t help but overhear some kids. By the way it’s quite pathetic that I’m calling early-twenty-somethings “kids.” But I guess the white in my beard gives me license to do so.

They first start talking about dirt bikes which puzzles me as to their appeal. But I guess it just confirms what a big ‘mo I am.

Then they start talking about actors whom they suspect are gay. Vin Diesel. Jake Gyllenhaal. And so on.

All the while I just sat there working on this heap of a webpage trying to devote some amount of interest I had in it when I was their age.

And thanks to the Wayback Machine at, I can read a cached version of, a blog I was obsessed with over 10 years ago.