Choo Choo Choo Choo Beep Beep


I was driving home and decided to give my iPod a roll. I started out listening to Autolux since I had that on at work earlier. But then I thought to myself, “I haven’t listened to Deerhoof in a while.” So with several turns of that wheely-thingee, I put on The Runners Four. What an amazing album that is.

It is perhaps their most accessible album, less prone to their noise outbursts and more moments of utter sonic catharsis. I didn’t really appreciate this album until I saw them live in 2005 at the Echo. Hearing it live made me appreciate every note that was laid down.

I have yet to have an opinion of their new album Offend Maggie since I haven’t listened to it enough.

But they will be coming to town as a four-piece (!!!) on 11/14 at the Echoplex with Experimental Dental School, one of my favorite little bands that could in the last several years. Who wants to come?

“Wrong Time Capsule” from The Runners Four.

“Spirit Ditties of No Tone” from The Runners Four.

Experimental Dental School

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