New York, New York

Times Square

This was my first time ever in New York, and the first vacation I had taken in like forever. The original intent in going to New York was to watch a game at Yankee Stadium before it was destroyed.

Before leaving, the biggest concern I the plane ride. No, I’m not one of those wackos who’s afraid of plane rides. The biggest problem was the fact that I hadn’t been on a plane since I was 14, two years before I started smoking. Fortunately Target brand Nicotine patches helped take the edge off. But I won’t lie – once I stepped out of the terminal at JFK I chain smoked three cigarettes before I hailed a cab.

Once I got my hotel, I was just in awe of the skyline all around me. It could have been the heat and humidity that was suffocating me bit by bit, but I was still in awe.

Thankfully Wifey was there to escort me around during the evenings and donate his NFT guide for my stay there. Although I still opted to get lost when I went out exploring by myself, it was still very useful especially those train maps.

And speaking of the trains, how fucking civilized are they? Oh my word! It was so nice not having to worry about a car or parking or any of that nonsense I have to worry about here in LA. I could just go out, get hammered and know that some how I would be able to make it back to my hotel room.

Here are selected photos of my NY trip. I have more, but they were shit.

I would totally move to New York if the weather was more agreeable and the time zone was better. Seriously, having to stay up past midnight to watch national games? That’s why I love the west coast. (And with that statement, I realize what a pathetic sports fag I am).

Anyhow there it is. It is still a urine drenched city that I always thought it was. Only I really love that urine smell. 🙂 I guess I’m a piss pig? Um. No comment.

Shit. Now I wanna go back.