A Wasted Day

I was supposed to have a productive Sunday.

I was going to wake up, do laundry, rearrange my living room, go to Target, go grocery shopping and maybe get some nookie time permitting. Well I woke up (one thing accomplished) at around 7:30 this morning with a pounding migraine. Neither coffee nor food nor a shower did anything to calm it down. In fact I just got queasy. So I took a nap two hours after I woke up, and woke up just in time for the Lakers game against the Dallas Mavericks.

After the game, I took another nap and didn’t wake up until 7. So with my day down the crapper, I’m just resigned to watching Alien on the Fox Movie Channel while writing this.

Anyhow yesterday, I discovered the best thing since golden showers: Amazon’s MP3 store. It’s guilt- and DRM-free. And they have a good selection. I got the new Xiu Xiu album and Lou Reed’s Transformer among others.

Well I think it’s back to bed for me, and a hell day tomorrow at work. Oooh! Aliens!