It’s Been a While

And for that I apologize. Things have been hectic at work. I guess when you are the only staff accountant at a start up company at year-end, things get very very crazy. For a good couple of weeks in January I was pulling in late hours barely having enough time to come home, make dinner and go to bed only to have everything repeat (much like Groundhog Day.)

But here is February, and with it is the month of shows. I just saw Autolux at the El Rey last Friday, and will be seeing Siouxsie with Rasputina next Saturday and the Liars with No Age the following week. I am so excited about that.

And it looks like May will be pretty crazy too with Ladytron and the Kills performing. Look at this here video from the Kills and tell me you are not clenching your sphincter in anticipation for their album.