Junkie No More

Sorry about the lack of updates, but from the entire process of moving and having to adjust my schedule accordingly which leaves me barely enough time to be a Dodgerist things are hectic.

Speaking of the Dodgers, I have a problem that’s been creeping up for the last several years. It’s well known that I’m a complete sports junkie, but it’s become very pervasive into my everyday life. Most of my friends are at best casually into sports. As for me, I can tell them historical stats, the minutiae of strategy and player transactions both rumored and real. Hell I find myself using sports teams as metaphors. I.E. this movie is as bad as Dallas’ first-round playoff meltdown against Golden State. He looks as stupid as the entire Cubs team in 1965 against Sandy Koufax. Stuff like that.

So I’ve come to a resolution. Since I’m already entrenched in being a Dodgerist for the rest of the baseball season, once it’s over in November I will not follow sports closely. I might watch an occasional SportsCenter here and there. I might even watch an occasional football game. But I will not get myself mired in the ins and outs of any sports. I will allow myself to be a casual fan.