Moving and Dodgerist

Moving Process

I’ve started to get everything set up for my new place. I have the utilities, telephone and cable set to be installed on 5/1. I’ll take that day off to clean the floors, countertops, walls and any other surface I can clean. I’ve also started buying stuff. Yesterday I bought a 13-knife set, a 20-piece silverware set and a tool set from Target. I’m realizing how difficult it is to buy stuff when I most of the things I currently use belong to my roommate.

I’m still freaking about furniture. I haven’t found a couch that is within my budget and looks appealing to me. And a dining set? Forget about it. Dining tables and chairs are horrendously ugly!!!

But I have an idea of how I want to layout my new place, so at least there is some excitment there. Oooh! And paint! Mmmm. I can’t wait to start painting my new place.


For an easy link on my Dodger’s writing for LAist, click here. I write every other day alternating with another person. It’s been interesting, fun and a struggle all in one. I haven’t been used to writing this much on a regular basis in quite some time. Also having to pay attention to the games is quite a bitch. I’ve watched every game so far this season, and I’m already fatigued! After 11 games in I already want the season to end, and we have 151 games left!

So that’s been my life in a nutshell these last couple of weeks: moving and Dodgers. I haven’t been able to think long enough to do a podcast, so I’m hoping to start that up again after the move. And maybe I’ll have some sort of a life after all of this. Who knows?