Basketball Fever

I’m a very excited person right now. I have tickets to see the Clipper’s playoff game against the Denver Nuggets tonight. The Clippers lead the Nuggets 3 games to 1 and could close out the best-of-7 series tonight. This would be the first time they have won a playoff series since 1976 when they were the Buffalo Braves. Also this is the first time they’ve won playoff games since 1993.

Now yesterday, the Lakers stole a game from the Phoenix Suns to go up 3 games to 1 also. If both the Clippers and Lakers win this series, they will meet each other in the next round. There has never been a playoff matchup with teams whose home court is the same let alone in the same city. So it’s just very exciting to be a basketball fan here in LA.

And I will root for the Clippers since I can actually afford to get playoff tickets for them as opposed to the Lakers.