Since I shared an mp3 yesterday I’ll do the same today.

Just over 4 years ago, I received heartbreaking news: Unwound had broken up for the last time. At first I just thought, “They broke up again?!” They would get back together in a month or two, right?


I admit I was late to the game when it came to Unwound. My friend Fatkid was a huge Unwound fan, and when I was cohosting a radio show with him back in 1999-2000 he had this segment called “Obligatory Unwound” (a complete rip-off of “Mandatory Metallica”). At the beginning of the second hour of the show, he would play an Unwound song. It was then that I came to appreciate Unwound. To this day they are my favorite band of all time.

When they released Leaves Turn Inside You, it marked a departure to their jangly punky grungy sound. You can read some reviews here and here for a good assessment of the album. At the time, one of my closest friends had just passed away. I bought the album that day, and it fit the dark mood I was in.

A couple of years ago, a bunch of us went to San Francisco for 4th of July weekend and did some naughty drugs. Despite not being sober I was constantly freezing. You’ve just got to love SF weather. We met up with a friend from high school, and we talked about how appropriate “Summer Freeze” is for the SF summer.

Anyhow, here you go.